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Exhibition: Picturing Clouds of Unknowing by Lucy Carolan

This show is the final exhibition of Lucy Carolan's creative practice doctoral research, and presents the results of two projects interrogating ways of expressing and understanding lived experiences of dementia. The works use video, sculpture, print, photography, stereoscopy and creative writing in installation and interactive artists' publications, and sit at the intersection of the fine arts with medical humanities and neurocognitive sciences, philosophical enquiry, and the domestic experiences of people living with symptoms - 'clouded thoughts', and agnosias or 'unknowings' - of cognitive decline.

This research has been supported by Northern Bridge DTP, NNMHR's 'Thinking Through Things', and Newcastle University's Doctoral College Enhancement Fund.


Hatton Gallery, King's Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RH

Saturday 20th August - Saturday 3rd September (closed Sunday 28th August), 10am-5pm

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