Disease, participation and loneliness

Project Lead: Dr Rachel Duncan
Project Team: Professor Barbar Hanratty, Professor Carol Jagger, Dr Andrew Kingston, Professor Stuart Parker, Professor Louise Robinson
People aged 85 years and over are the fastest growing group of our population but there is little research in this age group. The Newcastle 85+ study commenced in 2006 to investigate the health and wellbeing of this group. Over 1000 people participated in 2006 and have continued to be followed up by the study team. We have already found that 85 years olds differ greatly in terms of their health and we now wish to explore this further as participants reach 95 years of age. We are currently undertaking a 10 year follow up with the remaining surviving individuals which involves an interview in their own home. 
However, we would also like to review the GP records of all participants who took part 5 years ago and collect data on diseases, medication and healthcare consultation. This will complement data collected at the interview at 10 years. As a result we will build up a more detailed picture of their mental and physical health by collecting this further data at 10 years and be in a position to report on the health and wellbeing of 95 years old, a currently under-researched sector of the population.