Molecular Photonics Laboratory


By way of collaboration with the group in Finland we are focusing on the study of fast electron and energy transfer events in custom-built molecular systems. The use of femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy and up-conversion spectroscopy is used to monitor, for example, how efficient is the triazole group at promoting energy transfer over short distances. Other projects include studying ultrafast charge shift and recombination in expanded acridinium compounds.

Photocatalytic Cluster Complexes for Artificial Photosynthesis Applications (PCAP)

A consortium of researchers from Moldova (Turta-Academy of Sciences of Moldova) and Romania (Mangalagiu- Al.I.Cuza University) with Benniston (Molecular Photonics Laboratory, Newcastle University) as the coordinator is undertaking research into artificial photosynthesis. The programme of research, involving mainly the exchange of researchers between group members, is primarily involved in trying to find simple complexes for low over-potential water oxidation. Each member of the team is involved in different aspects of the project from design and synthesis of new ligands (Mangalagiu) to measurement of metal-metal ion interactions (Turta) and finally spectroscopic measurements (Benniston).