Maria Helena Pereira Toledo Machado

  • Additional Steering Committee Member History Department
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +55 11 3091-3760 / 3091-0308 / 3091-3782
  • Professor of History at the University of São Paulo
Maria Helena Pereira Toledo Machado is currently a Professor in History at the Universidade de São Paulo. Her major publications include O Plano e o Pânico: os movimentos sociais na década da Abolição [The Plot and the Panic: social movements during the decade of Abolition in Brazil] (2nd ed., EDUSP, 2010) and Crime e Escravidão [Crime and Slavery] (Brasiliense, 1987). Her current research covers early racial photography, slave biographies, and the medicalized body of nineteenth-century women in slavery.