Molecular and Cellular Evolution of Microbial Eukaryotes

Dr. Tom A. Williams

Contact information

  • Phone number: +44 (0)191 222 3481
  • e-mail adress: Tom.Williams2 (at)

Work description

I did my Ph.D. with Mario Fares in the Genetics Department at Trinity College Dublin on the evolution of molecular chaperones. In Newcastle, I am studying the genome evolution of microsporidia. In general, microsporidial genomes are small and have lost many typically eukaryotic features, both in terms of functions (protein families) and genome organization (introns, repetitive elements). However, there is substantial variation in genome size and composition within the microsporidia, and we don't really understand how or why these differences exist. I am using comparative genomics to analyse the retention and loss of these features across reduced genomes, in the hope that we can better understand their functions in all eukaryotes.

Tom's publications

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