Molecular and Cellular Evolution of Microbial Eukaryotes

Dr. Eva Heinz

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Work description

I carried out my PhD work at the Department of Microbial Ecology at the University of Vienna (Austria) working on chlamydiae, a group of obligate intracellular bacteria comprising important pathogens of humans and animals. In the course of my thesis I performed a comprehensive in silico analysis of the outer membrane protein composition of the Chlamydiae, which can be found in the online database pcomp, and furthermore performed a proteomics study on the outer membrane of Protochlamydia amoebophila, a non-pathogenic member of the Chlamydiae, which thrives as an endosymbiont of Acanthamoeba spp. I also worked on the characterisation of a group of chlamydial virulence factors (Incs) in P. amoebophila and was furthermore involved in analyses of newly sequenced chlamydial genomes and deep evolutionary relationships of the Chlamydiae.

During my time as a Marie-Curie fellow at Newcastle University I will work on the analysis of the newly sequenced genome of Trachipleistophora hominis, a member of the Microsporidia, a fungi-related group of over 1200 species of obligate intracellular parasites infecting other eukaryotes, including immuno-compromised patients with HIV/AIDS. The main aims are to improve our understanding of Microsporidia with special regard to their reduced metabolic pathways, their dependence on host metabolism and the transport proteins used to exploit this - including their localisation and functional characterisation, the evolution of the Microsporidia genomes including patterns of gene flux through vertical and lateral gene transfer, and the function of their remnant mitochondria.

Eva has now moved to Monash University to work on bacterial cell envelopes, her new contact details are:

Dr. Eva Heinz

Monash University

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Clayton Campus, Bldg 76

Clayton, VIC3800


Eva's publications

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