Materials, Concepts and Reaction Engineering Group

The Materials, Concepts and Reaction Engineering (MatCoRE) Group, headed by Professor Ian Metcalfe, is based in the School of Engineering (within the Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials discipline) at Newcastle University.

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The MatCoRE Group focuses on the exploitation of ion transport in membrane design (e.g. for carbon capture and hydrogen production) and materials research for novel chemical looping processes (or dynamic redox processes) as well as some catalytic work with the interfaces found in these application areas. The group has received generous funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and European Research Council (ERC) with further collaboration and support from UK and European institutions and industrial partners.

Our postdoctoral research associates and PhD Students undertake research projects on topics which include high temperature membranes, chemical looping for H2 production and heterogeneous catalysis.

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The Group at their Christmas meal 2017