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Dr. Clive Grant 

Cricket Bat Impact Dynamics

Research to improve the traditional bat through design and the use of modern materials. Standard engineering modelling techniques have been employed to answer basic questions such as ‘Why do apparently similar bats differ widely in their performance’ and ‘How well might a properly designed bat be expected to perform’? 

Network Theory of Thin-walled Structures

simple di-graphNetwork theory, developed for electrical circuits has been applied to the solution of Saint-Venant torsion and bending of multi-cell thin walled sections.  The section is treated as a network of interconnected members.  Graph theory is employed as a mathematical abstraction of the topology.

Solid Modelling

Complex [2D] and [3D] shapes can be represented in a highly compressed form known as a Quadtree and Octtree respectively.  These representations are easy to manipulate in coded form and economical to store in a computer.  Computer procedures have been implemented to create, store, recall, manipulate and display compressed images as dynamically linked lists in a graphical Windows Application.  The aim of this project is to extend these procedures to compex [3D] shapes. 

Algebras of Design

Description of mechanical assemblies by shape features, application of shape grammars. Description of designs in terms of parts and properties.  Grammars for assembly design. 
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