A research profile can effectively showcase your publications and research data, promote your skills and knowledge, connect you with other researchers within beyond the university and increase the impact of your research. A wide range of research systems can contribute to your profile as a researcher. This includes university systems such as MyImpact and staff profiles, external research systems such as ORCID and Scopus, as well as social networks such as ResearchGate, LinkedIn and Twitter. Whatever services you use, it is important that you keep your profile up-to-date so that they reflect your research activities accurately.


Use MyImpact to record details of your research and publications for university web profiles and ePrints.


Use ORCID to link your grants, publications and datasets and automatically keep your data up-to-date in many research systems.

Scopus Author Identifier

A Scopus author profile details your publications, citations and affiliations and enhances search results.

Google Scholar citations

Use Google Scholar citations to create a profile page to list your publications and citation metrics and have them updated automatically.

 Social media

Use a professional social media profile to disseminate your work, increase your visibility and connect with other researchers.