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The Livewell Programme

LiveWell is led by a multidisciplinary team from Newcastle University (Mathers, White, Rochester, Moynihan, Meyer & Sniehotta). 

Our team is supported by 9 Collaborators from Newcastle University.  Overall leadership will be provided by Professor John Mathers, Director of the Human Nutrition Research Centre and Scientific Director at the Institute for Ageing and Health.

We have recruited 5 Research Associates from different disciplines and during this programme will train three PhD Students.

Newcastle University is one of Europe's major centres for research on ageing and provides the base for the BBSRC Centre for Integrated Systems Biology of Ageing & Nutrition, NIHR Biomedical Research Centre on Ageing; Wellcome Trust Clinical Ageing Research Unit, MRC Newcastle 85+ Study, MRC Evaluation of Biomarkers for Ageing and RCUK Centre for Brain Ageing & Vitality.  In addition it hosts the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health (directed by Professor Martin White) which is leading the development of public health research including methodology development.

We are now living longer than in previous generations.  However, in many cases, the later years of life can be blighted by poor health and increased disability.  Social isolation, loneliness and a lack of opportunities to participate in meaningful activities can also reduce quality of life for some people.  The challenge is therefore to find ways to help people to maintain good health and wellbeing throughout the life-course.

The LiveWell Programme is developing and piloting lifestyle-based interventions which will promote improved health and wellbeing in later life.  This interventions will focus on promoting diet, physical activity and social connectedness.  In addition, we are developing tools for measuring the health and wellbeing (as distinct from disease) in older people.  We are developing tools for measuring the healthy ageing phenotype.