Prof Tiziana Rossetto

Prof. Dr Tiziana directs the EPSRC seed-funded Earthquake and People Interaction Centre (EPICentre). She is an investigator on a number of research grants that look at building and infrastructure vulnerability to earthquakes, tsunami and fire, alone and in sequence. She is on the BSI committee for the UK implementation of Eurocode 8; Fellow of the ICE; Chairman of SECED; and ex-Chairman of EEFIT with which she has participated/led six field missions with support from EPSRC and was Co-I of the last EEFIT Grant. Much of her research has been inspired by field missions and she has developed guidelines for the derivation of vulnerability functions from post-earthquake survey data for the Global Earthquake Model. She has published 34 journal articles (one winning the 2013 Lloyds Science of Risk prize), 1 book and over 60 conference papers (4 keynote lectures).