The EEFIT Mobile App

The EEFIT Mobile App, developed by Professor Dina D’Ayala and Valentina Putrino in collaboration with Dr Claire Ellul, is one of the outputs of the Learning from Earthquake (LfE) UK Project founded by EPSRC and carried out as a joint project between three main universities, namely UCL, University of Cambridge and University of Newcastle.

The EEFIT Mobile app uses an existing off-the-shelf platform called Device Magic and is built following the tier assessment rationale, which depends on the amount of time the user is allowed to spend on site. The data collected is commensurate to this time and gets hierarchically organised so that there is no repetition, whilst guaranteeing that an increasingly detailed level of information is gathered in each successive tier.

The app has currently been tested during the following EEFIT Missions: the Albania Mission launched after the 26 November 2019 earthquake, the first ever launched remote mission, after the March 2020 earthquake in Zagreb, Croatia, and the EEFIT Aegean Earthquake & Tsunami Mission.

The EEFIT Mobile App Version 2.0 includes data capture relevant to earthquake damage and tsunami damage.

The Mobile App liaises closely with the platform defined as spatial data infrastructure (SDI) for data managing and supports the automatic mapping of the data gathered on site. For further information on the SDI, please contact Enrica Verrucci at e.verrucci@ucl.ac.uk

If you want to know more about the EEFIT Mobile App, how to join the existing organization, and how to get started, please contact Valentina Putrino at v.putrino@ucl.ac.uk . Additional information at: www.ucl.ac.uk/epicentre/mobile-applications



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