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Virtual Capacity Building workshop on Regional SDI's

Survey of Pakistan invited Dr Diana Contreras, Visitor researcher at Newcastle University and Lecturer at Cardiff University,  to present the progress in the research related to workstream 5 of the project Learning from Earthquakes (LfE): Tool development and workshops. The presentation entitled:' The role of social media and crowdsourcing platforms in emergency response and post-disaster recovery assessment'. This presentation included the preliminary results of the sentiment analysis (SA) and topic analysis for the case of the 2020 Zagreb earthquake and SA for the post-disaster recovery assessment of the 2010 Maule earthquake in Chile and the 2010 Haiti earthquake. This presentation also includes the final results of the SA and topic analysis for the 2020 Aegean earthquake and the SA for the post-disaster recovery assessment of the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake on its 10th anniversary (2019). The recorded session can be accessed through this link:

And the presentation is available at:

The presentation from Dr Diana Contreras was attended by 26 people on the 13th September 2021 ( 9:40 BST - 13:40 Pakistan time). This workshop took place between the 13th to the 15 September 2021, and it was organised by Mr Asmat Ali, Director of Survey of Pakistan, national mapping organization (NMO) of the country with its headquarter at Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The workshop included speakers from  United States of America (USA), Colombia, the United Kingdom (UK), Pakistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Iran, Ethiopia, Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan, and Canada. The team LfE thanks Mr Asmat and Survey of Pakistan for the invitation to participate in this event to share project results and promote the participation of citizens in the emergency response and the assessment of the post-disaster recovery after earthquakes.



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