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Tell me your risk: Science behind the scenes

Dr Diana Contreras was interviewed by Dr Naxhelli Ruiz, Associate Professor at the Institute of Geography of the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) for the podcast: 'Cuéntame tu riesgo: Ciencia tras bambalinas' (Translated title: Tell me your risk: Science behind the scenes). This podcast addresses the topic of sciences and scientist who research the relationship between environment and population and discover how daily life increases the risk of the population. The interview, in this case, was entitled: Redes Sociales y plataformas en la respuesta a sismos (Translated title: Social networks and platforms in the response to earthquakes) corresponds to the 6th episode of the second season of this podcast and it was broadcasted on February 11th, 2022. The interview was held in Spanish.

The podcast started with a survey about the role of social media (SM) after a disaster, answers highlighted their usefulness in the request and provision of humanitarian help avoiding fake news. Several SM and crowdsourcing platforms were mentioned during the interview and recommendations about how to safely contribute with useful data after an earthquake through these platforms were formulated by Dr Contreras. She also explained how natural language processing techniques (NLP) such as sentiment analysis (SA) and topic analysis are applied to extract meaningful information from the text data collected through SM and crowdsourcing platforms after disasters. The earthquake of September 19th, 2017 in Mexico DF was recalled during the interview. Dr Contreras mentioned the data collected and the ongoing analyses related to emergency response to the earthquakes in Albania (2019), Zagreb and Aegean region (2020) and the 10th anniversaries of the earthquakes in L'Aquila (Italy), Haiti, Chile, Tohoku (Japan) and Christchurch (New Zealand) and the 5th anniversary of the earthquake in Nepal. She shared preliminary results of the analysis of the text data for the cases of Haiti and Chile at the end of the interview. The complete interview can be listened at:

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