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Special Issue: Hybrid Disaster Reconnaissance Missions

Disaster Reconnaissance Missions: Is a hybrid approach the way forward? 

Post-disaster missions help us better understand the vulnerability of the existing building stock, improvements needed for design and construction practice, and overall community resilience so that enhanced risk mitigation methods can be developed. While these activities are conventionally undertaken by teams working in the field, recent disasters that took place within the last year under the shadow of the global COVID-19 pandemic initiated a novel discussion among academic and practising engineers as to whether the disaster reconnaissance activities could be coordinated entirely remotely.

Within this framework, some of the questions/issues of relevance to this special issue are:

  • Use of social media and other alternative data sources for post-disaster damage, recovery and resilience assessment
  • Failure bias in hybrid reconnaissance activities
  • Data collection and analysis tools needed for hybrid/remote investigations
  • Role of the COVID-19 pandemic (or future pandemics) on disaster mitigation, response, and recovery
  • What aspects of conventional post-disaster investigations need tailoring to make them suitable for the hybrid model
  • Are international field missions obsolete?
  • Case studies with a critical discussion of the data collection methods employed and local participation

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