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Intensity-Based Sentiment and Topic Analysis. Aegean Earthquake

It is our pleasure to share the most recent publication in the frame of the project: 'Intensity-Based Sentiment and Topic Analysis. The Case of the 2020 Aegean Earthquake'. It was a joint effort of Newcastle University,  the University College of London (UCL), the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), the Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team (EEFIT) and Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd. Please cite as:

Contreras, D., Wilkinson, S., Aktas, Y. D., Fallou, L., Bossu, R., & Landès, M. (2022). Intensity-Based Sentiment and Topic Analysis. The Case of the 2020 Aegean Earthquake. Frontiers in Built Environment, 8.

This paper is the first publication of the special issue: 'Hybrid Disaster Reconnaissance missions' launched by the project in April 2021. The dataset is available for public consultation at the data repository of Newcastle University: 

Contreras Mojica, Diana; Wilkinson, Sean; Fallou, Laure; Landès, Matthieu; Bossu, Rémy; Aktas, Yasemin Didem (2021): Polarity and topic supervised classification of LastQuake app user's comments - Aegean 2020 earthquake. Newcastle University. Dataset. 

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