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EEFIT fieldwork mission - Aegean earthquake

The team was busy for the past two weeks with a desk study, establishing links with local contacts, identifying secondary data sources, and interviewing local experts. Fieldwork started on the 30th November and will be on-going until the 13th December 2020. Mr Eser Çabuk and Mr Anil köşker, Master Students and Research Assistants from the Middle East Technical University (METU) started to work in Kuşadası, Turkey. They are going to observe and assess the damage on buildings and infrastructure using the Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team (EEFIT) app and the spatial data infrastructure (SDI) – outcomes of the Learning from Earthquakes (LfE) project (Grant EP/P025641/1).

The team started visiting the three neighbourhoods reported by the municipality as most damaged. These neighbourhoods are Turkmen, Kadinlar Denizi and Ikicesmeler. Central Kuşadası, which is home to many historic buildings, were also visited. Mr Cabuk and Mr Kosker moved in the evening to Selcuk and Sirince to observe damage to the building stock there, including vernacular typologies. If you want to receive daily updates about the Aegean EEFIT fieldwork mission, please subscribe to the blog:

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