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Earthquake reconnaissance remote mission to Zagreb

In the early morning of the 22nd March 2020, an earthquake of magnitude 5.3 Mw hit Zagreb, Croatia while the country, as well as most of Europe, was coping with the restrictions of the COVID-19 lockdown. Learning from Earthquakes (LFE) UK team responded to these unprecedented circumstances by activating a first-of-its-kind remote data collection exercise which was conducted from the UK by a team of researchers led by Dr Emily So from Cambridge University. The remote exercise was followed by a 5 days on-site damage assessment carried out by a local team led by Prof Josip Atalić from the Faculty of Civil Engineering - University of Zagreb and including Anamarija Babić, Helena Majetic and the GARK team led by Marko Matuha.  Read the Diary of the Zagreb mission written by Anamarija and Helena here:

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