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Albania Earthquake damage observations

Mr Enes Veliu presented through zoom platform on the 15th July 2020, the damage observations collected during the EEFIT mission to the Albania Earthquake to the members of the Centre for Training and Research on Reduction of Seismic Risk (ROSE). On the 26th November 2019, an earthquake with a magnitude  Mw 6.4  struck Albania. Typical damages that were observed in clusters include damage to the masonry infills of reinforced concrete (RC) structures and extensive damage to the calcium-silicate unreinforced masonry (URM) buildings with pre-cast floor panels. Calcium-silicate URM performed poorly in at least three locations in Albania. This typology is responsible for causing 24 fatalities due to the collapse of 2 buildings. More calcium-silicate URM buildings collapsed and were classified as complete damage state. Based on this behaviour, closer attention to the assessment of this typology is strongly recommended by Mr Veliu.

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