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Accuracy of a SA classification model on tweets related to the Albanian quake

We are extremely happy to share our latest publication in the frame of the project:

Contreras, D., Wilkinson, S., Alterman, E., & Hervás, J. (2022). Accuracy of a pre-trained sentiment analysis (SA) classification model on tweets related to emergency response and early recovery assessment: the case of 2019 Albanian earthquake. Natural Hazards. doi:10.1007/s11069-022-05307-w

The article is available also as a PDF here

The database (DB) with the Twitter data is available for public consultation at the repository of Newcastle University:

Contreras Mojica, Diana; Wilkinson, Sean; Alterman, Evangeline; Hervás, Javier (2021): Supervised & unsupervised polarity classification of Twitter data related to the Albania 2019 earthquake. Newcastle University. Dataset.


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