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2022 EEFIT return mission to Nepal: Results

On September 13th, the team of the 2022 Earthquake Engineering Field investigation Mission (EEFIT) return mission to Nepal presented the fieldwork results at the Institution of Structural Engineers (IstructE) headquarters in London. The presentation started with the introduction to the session by the EEFIT Chairman: Dr Valentina Putrino, followed by the presentation.

This presentation was divided into nine parts: 1) Introduction and 2)Seismotectonics presented by the mission leader Dr Michael Whitworth from AECOM; 3) Post-disaster recovery assessment using social media and 4) Discussion of post-disaster recovery practices via ludic activities presented by Dr Diana Contreras, Vice-chairman of EEFIT and Lecturer from Cardiff University; 5) Remote sensing (InSAR) presented by Dr Giorgia Giardina, Dr Valentina Machiarulo and Ms Fatemeh Foroughnia from Delft University; 6)Building back better schools presented by Dr Rohit Adhikari from the University College of London (UCL); 7) Structures presented by Professor Sean Wilkinson from Newcastle University and 8)Cultural heritage and 9)Key messages presented by Dr Paul Jaquin from Ezed. The recorded session will be available in the coming months, as well as the report. 

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