Meet the Team

Terry Jones

  • Co-investigator

Professor of Head and Neck Surgery, Department of Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine, University of Liverpool
Director, Liverpool Head and Neck Centre
Director of Research and Innovation, Liverpool University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Lead, Genomics England H&N GeCIP

Honorary Consultant Otolaryngologist / Head and Neck Surgeon, Liverpool University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool, UK

My main clinical interests relate to function-sparing cancer surgery. In particular, transoral laser microsurgery (TLM).

My research interests can be divided into four main themes

1. Basic/translational research: including the biology of the differential treatment response seen between HPV+ve and –ve oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas.
2. Early and late phase Clinical Trials: Joint Chief Investigator respectively for three CR-UK funded H&N studies: PATHOS, PATHOS-T & EORTC 1420 and co –investigator for the CR-UK funded PROTIS clinical trial.
3. Clinical outcomes research: with a particular interest in swallowing and voice outcomes following TLM
4. Cancer Inequalities: and their impact on incidence and outcome for patients with head and neck cancer