ISO-27001 certification of Research Data Service at UCL (epiLab-SS)

Pending final technical review by the auditors (LRQA), the certificate and accompanying registration should be issued within 4-6 weeks. We believe that the epiLab-SS service is unique for a UK University as it demonstrated the successful implementation of end-to-end ISO-27001 certification of a research data management service, leveraging the UK government’s G-Cloud ISO-27001 services (at AIMES Grid Services CIC Ltd) in combination with local thin-client desktop services (at UCL).

A central component of the design of the UCL information security management system (ISMS) has been the use of Data Management Plans (with an adapted MRC
template) in support of the asset & risk management process, as proposed by our JISC-funded DMP-SS project. This is an extension of our earlier TSB-funded Shared-Services Health Applications and Resources Environment (SHARE) project.

More details of DMP-SS and SHARE can be found at:
DMP-SS Website:
DMP-SS Blog:
SHARE website:

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