IHS Biostatistics Research Group

Welcome to the Biostatistics Research Group based in the Institute of Health and Society at Newcastle University.

The IHS Biostatistics Research Group (IHS BRG) consists of 13 statisticians with a variety of backgrounds, experience and expertise. 

The group provides statistical expertise to a large portfolio of clinical trials and observational studies, working closely with the Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit and the NIHR Research Design Service.

IHS BRG members are independent and experienced researchers who are capable of providing statistical expertise at all stages of research projects from design, grant application and data collection through to analysis/reporting of results.  The group work according to MHRA good clinical practice at the highest standard. The IHS BRG’s model is to collaborate with investigators from project conception to ensure high quality proposals that have the best chance of successful funding.

Recent additions to the IHS BRG include the secondment of Professor John Matthews and the appointment of James Wason as Professor of Biostatistics (jointly with the Cambridge University MRC Biostatistics Unit for the first 3 years).  James’ work focuses on the statistical methods for efficient trial design and analysis with a particular interest in adaptive designs and precision (biomarker-driven) medicine trials, and the application of novel methods in practice.