Research Events

British Academy of Management event - April 2013


Wednesday 30th September 2015 - Professor Greg J Bamber - Employment Relations: An Internationally Comparative Framework of Analysis

Wednesday 9th December 2015 - Varieties of Voice

Voice Variations in Employee-owned and Mutual Enterprises

 This half day seminar will consider employee voice within the context of three UK employee-owned and mutual enterprises: a retailer, building society and health and social care provider. The concept of employee voice is of increasing interest to academics, policy-makers and practitioners particularly its potential of enabling a greater balance between firm-efficiency and firm-equity. Given the unorthodox governance structures within employee-owned and mutual enterprises, i.e. an espoused emphasis on firm-equity as well as efficiency, it is conceivable voice mechanisms within such enterprises will be more sophisticated and have greater efficacy. Such claims require empirical investigation however. Presentations will be given by: Dr Abby Cathcart (Queensland University of Technology), Dr Stewart Johnstone (NUBS) and Judith Watson (NUBS). These will be followed by audience-led discussions on issues emerging from the presentations. This event is free but please register at