Newcastle University has many staff who work on heritage from across a whole range of disciplines (including humanities, arts, social sciences, engineering, IT and medicine). Its staff members are renowned experts who have published widely on a uniquely diverse range of research interests and have undertaken many international research, consultancy, training, and engagement projects...

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More than Meanwhile Spaces -- project launch

‘More Than Meanwhile Spaces’ project to explore long-term business models for creative practitioners in the city

ABC interview with Peter Stone on protecting cultural property during conflict.

Professor Peter Stone, UNESCO Chair in Cultural Property Protection and Peace, is in Australia to persuade the Commonwealth to ratify protocols attached to the 1954 Hague Convention, protecting cultural relics particularly in wartime.

Queer Region North Seminar Series

To mark the Great Exhibition of the North, the Queer Media, Culture and Heritage group presents a special seminar series that responds to the topic of LGBT+/Queer identities in the North East.

Deindustrialisation, Heritage and Memory Network

Launch of the new Deindustrialisation, Heritage and Memory Network at Newcastle University

OpenHeritage Kick-Off Meeting

OpenHeritage has its first meeting in Budapest

A Future for Western Lodge

AUP students present schemes for the redevelopment of Western Lodge

New Horizon 2020 project

The School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape win funding for 'OpenHeritage'.

Trusted Source Knowledge Transfer Partnership

The Trusted Source projects aims to encourage a culture of collaboration.

Global significance of Gertrude Bell archive recognised by UNESCO

Newcastle University’s prestigious Gertrude Bell archive has been recognised by UNESCO as a collection of global significance.

Launch of Page Turners

Newcastle University launched an online book viewer in April 2017.

Wall to Wall Seminar

Details of a collaboration between Hadrian's Wall and the Great Wall of China.