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Hello and welcome to the Girl-Kind North East project!

This is a ESRC funded project created by co-investigators Dr Sarah Winkler- Reid and Dr Sarah Ralph, celebrating the potential and explore the challenges of being a girl in the North East. Through a series of workshops and events, we hope to provide a space for thoughtful and creative discussion, activities and networking together. Girl power.

The team

Dr Sarah Winkler- Reid has also been based at Newcastle University since 2015 and is a lecturer in Social Anthropology, her research focuses on growing up in contemporary Britain and young people’s everyday lives. Dr Sarah Ralph is a senior lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, at Northumbria University since 2015. Her research interests include media audiences, cultural and familial memory and girl culture. We also have two research assistants, Gabrielle Smith and Stephanie Rich who will be on hand as well.

What we’re doing

In collaboration with current students from Sacred Heart Catholic High School and St Wilfrid’s R.C College, we will be conducting workshops to try and get to the heart of the issues that this project is centred on. Thinking about what matters to girls from this region, and the opportunities or challenges they might have? Through activities, conversation and getting pretty clever and creative with big paper and sharpies, we hope to co-produce public interventions that highlight the diversity of experiences of girls in the North-East.

So what actually is Day of the Girl?

Good question! International Day of the Girl started in 2012, and has been celebrated on October 11 every year since. Declared by the United Nations, it has become a day of observance and importance to raise awareness around issues that girls all over the world may be facing. This could be anything from education, health and medical matters to discrimination, violence and child marriage.

Each year there is a theme and events take place worldwide in support of the day and what it means. You can use the official hashtag #dayofthegirl to keep up to date and see what is happening on the day.

What we’re planning

Memory booth, 10 am – 4 pm, 7th and 8th October, St Mary’s Place, Northumbria Campus

Come visit our very special memory booth, located on Northumbria University campus and share your thoughts, stories and reflections about growing up as a girl in the North East. Anyone over 18 can take part and we would love to see you all there. This collection of digital video ‘memory narratives’ will be shared at our event.

Street Party Celebration, 2.30 – 5.30, City Campus East, Northumbria University

Girls’ involved in the project will be showing what they’ve created at our International Day of the Girl street party. There will also be community performances –ranging from music and other performances, poetry reading, as well as henna art and yoga sessions. Our mission is to raise an awareness and visibility of the International Day of the Girl.

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