Cohort 3

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Cohort 3 joined the CDT in Geospatial Systems in September 2021 and currently working through our MRes Geospatial Data Science.  

Currently working on finalising their MRes Geospatial Data Science dissertation topics, research interests are listed below. Please click on a profile picture for more information. 

David Gregg

Research interest: The modelling of tides around estuaries and harbours.

Philip Home

Research Interest: Climate change adaption and resilience, biodiversity management and active travel design.

Chris Larkin

Research interest: Spatial analysis and simulation for planning a more sustainable future. 

Keneuoe Maliehe

Research interest: AI and ML techniques for resilient and sustainable cities while reversing the effects of climate change.

Sophie Mann

Research interest: Using remote sensing and satellite data to map the sea floor.

Ambreen Masud

Research interest: Inclusive cities and understanding spatial inequalities.

Rachel Walker

Research interest: Mapping climate change mitigation through carbon sequestration and adaptation through environmental management.