Cohort 2

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Cohort 2 joined the CDT in Geospatial Systems in September 2020. Having completed the MRes in Geospatial Data Science, they started their PhD programme in September 2021. 

Athanasia Apostolopoulou

PhD title: City-scale energy modelling: data challenges in scaling up from buildings to cities.

Adam Booth

PhD title: AI and big data analytics with a focus on air quality measurement in smart cities.

Richard Burke

PhD title: Addressing future flood risk under urban growth scenarios using spatio-temporal agent-based modelling and data visualisation.

Samuel Christelow

PhD title: Monitoring environmental change using EO data, particularly through GNSS reflectometry.

Rebecca Guiney

PhD title: Downscaling GRACE-derived groundwater storage changes using InSAR ground displacement data and investigating how groundwater responds to climate variability

Luis Patino Velasquez

PhD title: Applying GeoAI to enable greater understanding of climate change in water risks and food security in the global south.

Clara Peiret-Garcia

PhD title: Applying GIS to better understand urban mobility patterns and improve sustainable mobility from a 15-minute city perspective.

Neil Sutherland

PhD title: Combining Reality Capture, 3D Mobile Mapping and eXtended Reality for Architectural and Cultural Applications.

Samuel Valman

Phd title: Geospatial analysis and modelling of riverine systems: realising the potential for satellite supplied data assimilation