PhD Researchers

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Cohort 1 who joined the CDT in Geospatial Systems in September 2019. Having passed the MRes in Geospatial Data Science, they are now working on their PhD. 

David Alvarez

PhD title: Developing and calibrating agent-based models of future urban mobility to inform development decisions.

Tahsinur Khan

PhD title: Mapping food systems and soil quality using agent-based models: Intervention strategies, demand and behaviour.

Anna Klimkowska

PhD title: Improving semantic knowledge of urban environment based on data fusion and ML.

Rachael Sanderson

PhD title: Identifying 'left-behind' places through geospatial analysis to inform social policy and support local communities.

Kristina Wolf

PhD title: Multi-scale multi-domain geospatial data modelling

Aleksandra Zaforemska

PhD title: An IoT sensor network to monitor tilt of trees as an infrastructure hazard: Impacts to transport and power distribution.

Mingyu Zhu

PhD title: Development of a digital twin of the Port-of-Tyne for use in planning & resilience management.