Postgraduate award

The Geographies of Justice Research Group Postgraduate Award is for students undertaking a postgraduate level research project. The research project should have ‘justice’ (broadly conceived) as a key theme; applications from students undertaking work in or across any of areas of research relating to geographies of justice are welcome to apply.

Applicants are advised to ensure that their research fits with the aims and objectives of the Geographies of Justice Research Group (available here: In particular, applicants are recommended to take note of the following aim of the research group: “to promote research practice which informs and promotes justice, including the development of appropriate methodologies, the transformation of personal practices, the exploration of linkages with pedagogy, and modes of research dissemination, influence and academic engagement within and beyond the academic community of geographers”.

Applicants can apply for any aspect of the proposed project (e.g. design, data production, project evaluation), but the precise nature of where the money will be spent must be explained (see below). This must also be detailed in a post-grant report, which will be uploaded onto the Research Group’s website.

Applications could include (but are not limited to) the following activities:

  • Travel and subsistence costs for researchers or research participants
  • Equipment or materials for research
  • Arranging a workshop or other event at the end of your project to discuss your findings with your participants, or to disseminate your work to different user groups
  • Creating a non-academic, open access repository for your research so that it is in the public domain

Applications will be assessed according to the Research Group’s aims and objectives detailed above. Innovative applications that seek to move beyond ‘traditional’ academic forms of dissemination (e.g. publishing papers and presenting conference papers) are particularly welcome. We also welcome applications from students working in the Global North and South, and for students working in partnership with non-academic organisations. Applications from both Masters and PhD students are welcome, and will be treated equally in terms of assessment.

Applicants should complete the attached application form and adhere to the word count. A maximum of £500 is available (average awards will be around £250).

These should be sent to the Chair of the Geographies of Justice Research Group ( by 31st May 2016.

Application form MSWord 17Kb

Application form