Passive Seismic Applications in Geoenergy

A pilot project is underway to explore new ways of mapping the rocks in the Earth’s crust beneath the city centre of Newcastle. We are using data collected using a series of nodal seismic receivers, which use a technology like that used in smart phones, to build a picture of the subsurface. This could help us to explore for future resources that could help meet our Climate Change targets.

The study is a unique survey of the subsurface of the Newcastle Helix site in Newcastle city centre. In total 150 sensors were deployed around the Helix site. The Earth’s surface is constantly responding to both natural and man-made movements and noises. Traffic, public transport and even earthquakes happening on the other side of the world are just some examples of how vibrations can be created in the ground. We are looking to use these patterns of the vibrations moving through the Earth to determine the geology beneath our feet.

Project Partners