ESA Cryosat2 Success over Inland Water and Land (CRUCIAL)


Principal Investigator: Professor Philip Moore

Co-Investigators: Professor Philippa Berry, Dr Steve Birkinshaw, Dr Greg O’Donnell, Dr Chris Kilsby, Associate Professor Peter Bauer-Gottwein (Technical University Denmark)

Sponsor: ESA

Duration: 1 Sept 2013 - 31 Aug 2015

Value: £251,206 (Newcastle £198426)


Abstract: This proposal, awarded under ITT ESRIN/AO/1-6827/11/I-NB, is to investigate the application of CryoSat2 data over land and inland water. The project is to retrack altimetric SAR waveforms from Cryosat2 to generate inland water height measurements, land height determination and development of Global Digital Elevation Models, and derivation of soil surface moisture (Newcastle University). Additional modelling will highlight the potential of derived inland water heights from Cryosat2 (Technical University of Denmark, Newcastle University).   
CRUCIAL will develop, test and select the methods and algorithms necessary to produce Inland water and land height products from the CryoSat-2 altimeter.