Former Students and Associates

Recent Graduates

This list shows the recent doctorate graduates from the research groups along with the title of their PhD thesis (where available). Please contact them via their email address if you are interested in finding out more about their research.

  • Rachel Turner - rachel.turner [at]
    Investigating drivers of fishing pressure in the NE England lobster fishery
  • Helen Bloomfield - h.j.bloomfield [at]
    A multi-disciplinary assessment of trawling closures in Yorkshire
  • Margarita Lavides - lavides [at]
    A multidisciplinary study of reef associated fisheries depletion
  • Tim Daw - t.daw [at]
    How fishers' count: engaging with fishers' knowledge in fisheries science and management
  • Aileen Mill - a.mill [at]
    Using stable isotope data as a food web description tool in a dynamic tropical environment
  • Nick Graham - Nick.Graham [at]
    Effects of coral bleaching on coral reef fish assemblages
  • Aaron McNeil - aaron.macneil [at]
    Robust analysis of reef fish communities
  • Annette Muehlig-Hofmann - mhannette [at]
    An interdisciplinary appraisal of community-based marine resource management of a traditional Fijian fishing ground (qoliqoli)
  • Carolyn Barnes - Carolyn.Barnes [at]
    Factors influencing the level of stable isotope trophic fractionation in large marine consumers
  • Pia Schuchert - pia.schuchert [at]
    Modelling large scale coral reef fish and benthic community structures
  • Rebecca Mitchell - r.mitchell [at]
    Predation on invertebrates and fishes on a coral reef
  • Saoud Al-Habsi - habsi70 [at]
    Trophic relationships of a demersal fish assemblage in the Arabian Sea elucidated by stable isotope approaches

Recent Research Associates

  • Will Le Quesne (Cefas) - Will.LeQuesne [at]
  • Shaun Wilson (Western Australian Marine Science Institution) - Shaun.Wilson [at]
  • John Pinnegar (CEFAS) - john.pinnegar [at]
  • Nick Dulvy (Simon Fraser University, Canada) - nick.dulvy [at]
  • Rebecca Fisher (Australian Institute of Marine Science) - rebecca_fisher76 [at]