Dr Chris Sweeting

My fields are in applied fish biology, eco-physiology and trophodynamics of marine systems. I am currently and RA on ChEsSO, a NERC consortium investigating the structure and trophodynamics of chemosynthetic ecosystems of the deep Southern Ocean and have ongoing research into the isotope dynamics of fish bone collagen (with Simon Jennings: CEFAS) and in assessing the ubiquity of size based feeding in fishes (with David Galvan: CENPAT). Recent research has focused on the trophodynamic implications of MPAs (with Fabio Badamaenti CNR-IRMA) and their suitability for temperate fisheries management and isotope analyses in fish eco-physiology (with David McCandless NESFC). Chris Sweeting

Current Research

ChEsSO – Chemosynthetic Ecosystems of the Southern Ocean (PI Prof. Nick Polunin)


Multidisciplinary consortium of marine scientists whose aim is to investigate the chemosynthetic environments and associated deep sea ecosystems south of the Polar Front. Study sites include the East Scotia Sea, the Bransfield Strait, and north of King George Island, Antarctica. The primary objective of this work is to evaluate whether these sites, collectively, represent a Southern Ocean "gateway" to enable gene-flow of chemosynthetic fauna from the Southern Pacific Ocean to the South Atlantic Ocean. My work focuses on the trophodynamics of these sites including defining the dominant energy pathways, the extent of chemosynthetic influence and the trophic structure of the surrounding food web. This will undertaken with a combined biomarker approach including bulk and compound specific isotope analyses and hapanoid chemistry.


ChEsSO Project