Dr Chris Longbottom

  • Assistant Director: Dental Innovation and Translation Centre
  • King’s College London Dental Institute

Dr Chris Longbottom BDS PhD. Chris was in General Practice before working in the Community Dental Service in Dundee for 13 years. In 1987, he became Lecturer in Preventive & Children’s Dentistry in the Dental School, having previously established research collaboration with Nigel Pitts. In 1992, he obtained his PhD in cariology, and then also became a Senior Clinical Research Fellow with DHSRU. He was Associate Director of the Centre for Clinical Innovations (CCI), where he helped develop technology applications for clinical use, principally in dentistry, as well as continuing to teach Paediatric Dentistry at Dundee Dental School as a Senior Lecturer. He has been involved in the application of optical, electrical, and ultrasound methodologies to a range of clinical problems, including dental caries detection, dental erosion detection and monitoring, and monitoring of the developing occlusion. He has research interests in remineralisation of caries lesions. Until 1992 Chris was involved in a number of DHSRU–based, large-scale longitudinal clinical studies of pre-school children in relation to the development of caries-risk prediction models and caries prevention programmes.  Dr Longbottom became a Research Methodologist within DHSRU in 2001. In January 2013 he started his current post in King’s College London (KCL). His role within the FiCTION trial is to advise on the practicalities – from the ‘front-line’ general dental practices carrying out the dentistry through to the management of a large longitudinal multi-centre study spanning different geographical locations.