Meet the Team

Dr Jill Clark

  • Principal Research Associate (ECLS) and Business Development Director of the Research Centre for Learning and Teaching ECLS
  • Email:
  • Telephone: (0191 208) 5637
  • FASMED Co-ordinator

Dr Jill Clark is a Principal Research Associate and Business Development Director of the Research Centre for learning and Teaching and has worked as an academic researcher for over 23 years. Although now working in the field of educational research, Jill has a strong background in Social Sciences research. Her first degree is in Behavioural Sciences and she then completed her postgraduate degree at Cambridge University.

Jill has extensive experience in the formulation of research design and methodology, both qualitative and quantitative, the day to day administration and management of nationally funded research projects, including supervision of research, administrative staff and budgets. She has been Principal Investigator on 15 externally funded research projects and has worked with teams on a total of 60+ projects. She has specialist knowledge and experience of the application of qualitative research methods such as participant observation, and conducting in-depth, sensitive, interviews and focus group discussions. She has an international profile in the theory and use of participatory research techniques, evidenced by a unique contribution in the book on user participation and a sole-authored paper in an international peer-reviewed journal. Her research interests have a strong focus on the experiences – and views - of young people; and projects (among others) include transition from school/FE to HE research, researching thinking and communication skills in prisons, 14-19 curriculum research and a JRF study of housing and schooling.