2011 Participants

Sarah Tupper

  • BA (Hons)Geography
  • A new South Africa, a new identity? A critical analysis of the Zulu identity in contemporary South Africa

This study is a critical examination of the Zulu ethnic group found in the Umlazi Township, South Africa.  Specifically, this work explores in depth how these individuals negotiate their multiple identities including their ethnic and national identity.  This is a very complex and dynamic phenomenon involving many tangible and intangible factors.  Through conducting interviews, this research explores first hoe the Zulu’s perceive their national South African identity in a place which has experienced drastic social change and secondly the research examines hoe their perception of their more ‘embedded, identities correlates with their relationship with the local, national and continental community.

Funded By: Newcastle University Expeditions Committee, Sonia Stonehouse Expedition Fund