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European Value of a Quality Adjusted Life Year

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Project Objectives

The project has three specific objectives, these being to:

  1. model country-specific willingness-to-pay-based (WTP-based) values of a quality adjusted life year (QALY) on the basis of existing values of statistical lives, values of serious injuries prevented (or implicit values from adoption decisions in various fields) currently used in public policy evaluation;
  2. survey 1,000* people in each participating country to elicit a WTP-based value of a QALY, based on direct and indirect contingent valuation methods; and
  3. elicit, through the use of Q-methodology, the views of decision makers, academic health economists and members of the public as to the relative importance of health gains arising from saving and extending life vis-a-vis from quality-of-life improvements only and of the different characteristics of beneficiaries from health care.

At the end of the project, these objectives will have been met through the delivery of:

*Where larger sample sizes are available, additional data will be sought.