Andreas Rohde

A full professor of linguistics and second language teaching and learning. Participant in several projects to assess bilingual preschool and school programmes (Comenius Project ENEMU - Enhancing Early Multilingualism, 2005-2008, Comenius Project ELIAS - Early Language and Intercultural Acquisition Studies, 2008-2010). Brings to the project considerable experience with younger immigrants facing the challenge of becoming literate in the majority language when they do not yet speak it.   Participated in the GRP/10/140P EU-Speak Grundtvig partnership project and in the 2010 hosting of the annual LESLLA conference.  Professor Rohde heads up a team in Cologne working on EU-Speak  comprising Dr Kim Schick, Dr Johanna Schnuch and Sneah Khanna.

Recent Publications related to Adult Literacy and Second Language Acquisition:
  • Kersten, K., Rohde, A., Schelletter, C. & Steinlen, A.K. (eds.), 2010a, Bilingual Preschools. Volume 1: Learning and Development. Trier: WVT.
  • Kersten, K., Rohde, A., Schelletter, C. & Steinlen, A.K. (eds.), 2010b, Bilingual Preschools. Volume 2: Best Practices. Trier: WVT.
  • Rohde, A., 2013, Erst einmal Deutsch lernen? Zusammenhänge zwischen Erst-, Zweit- und Drittsprache bei Kindern mit Migrationshintergrund. Grundschulmagazin.