Module # 2

Bilingualism & Multilingualism

The second delivery of this multi-faceted module introduces LESLLA practitioners to the most important issues ‌emerging from current research on bilingualism/multilingualism.

The module considers adults’ knowledge of more than one language, but its focus is on immigrant adults as parents of children growing up with more than one language, and on the well-studied linguistic, cognitive, educational and social issues this raises. 

The module starts by discussing what it means to learn more than one language in childhood, then considers how children do this. It then moves on to address what research tells us about variou‌s facets of bilingualism/multilingualism and about bi-/multiliteracy.

The module gives practitioners critical knowledge about the types of bilingual education models that best serve young immigrants. Participants will explore the ‌bilingualism/multilingualism of their own learners and others in their countries.

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Bi-lingualism and Multilingualism   

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