Our Modules

Six on-line Modules offered twice from 2015-2018

  • Our 6-week modules were free and delivered online via a Moodle site in the five languages of the partnership; English, Finnish, German, Spanish and Turkish.

From 2014 to 2015, the EU-Speak conducted international surveys of practitioners and experts on the knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to working with low-educated adult immigrants to help them develop basic language and literacy skills in the language of their new country.

The result of EU-Speak 2 was an international training and development curriculum. In EU-Speak 3, six on-line modules were developed by specialists in six countries and offered twice from 2016 to 2018, in English and German, Finnish, Spanish and Turkish. Module was free and ran for six weeks. 

This is a unique opportunity for those who work with beginning-level adult immigrants to interact with those in similar situations around the world. I could interact with people from other European countries and even other continents, which I find absolutely rewarding. This is what really characterizes distance learning: people who are many kilometers apart and are interested in a common theme." (A teacher in Spain.)


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Module #1

Working with LESLLA learners                                               

February 2016          

March 2017 

Module #2

Bilingualism and Multilingualism in the LESLLA Classroom

May 2016

October 2017 

Module #3

Language and Literacy in their Social Context

October 2016

May 2017 

Module #4

Reading Development from a Psycholinguistics perspective

February 2017

October 2017 

Module #5

Vocablary Acquisition

May 2017

January 2018 

Module #6

Acquisition and Assessment of Morphosyntax

October 2017

May 2018