EU-Speak offers six online modules for teachers and tutors that make available this much-needed ongoing professional development:

•    Reading in a LESLLA Context
•    Language and Literacy in Social Contexts
•    Bilingualism (NEXT MODULE - will open for registration late 2020)
•    Vocabulary Development
•    Teaching LESLLA Learners: Instructional Strategies
•    Acquisition and Assessment of Morphosyntax  

The modules are easy to access, international, and multilingual.  They are made available on a rolling basis using the Moodle online learning platform at

The goal is to equip practitioners who work with this adult migrant population with the knowledge and skills that they need to be successful.

Current Module - Reading in a LESLLA Context - An Online Module for Language Teachers and Tutors - closed to new participants

Reading in a LESLLA Context addresses reading from a psycholinguistic perspective. Its approach is theoretical and practical. Through relevant research, participants will explore how the mind is involved in learning to read and will learn about ways to measure reading skills, innovative teaching methods, and materials for helping learners decode words and comprehend texts that they read.  Reading in a LESLLA Context is appropriate for teachers and tutors with little training or preparation for working with LESLLA learners, although language teachers and tutors of all backgrounds are welcome. The module is hosted on our Moodle online learning platform and currently offered in five languages: English, Finnish, German, Spanish, and Turkish.

Reading Module will remain open to view for already-enrolled participants until August 31st 2020.