Workshops of the EU-Speak Multiplier Event

Language and Literacy in Social Context - Presented by Minna Suni

Vocabulary Learning - Presented by Andreas Rhode, Charlotte Recker, Kerstin Keul and Pia Holtappels

Reading from a Psycholinguistics Perspective - Presented by Jan Deutekom, Rola Naeb and Marcin Sosinski

Applying Morphosyntax and Pragmatics to Writing Simply Stories - Presented by Billy Clark and Martha Young-Scholten

Bilingualism and Multilingualism - Presented By Belma Haznedar

Getting Started Teaching LESLLA Learners - Presented by Nancy Faux


Posters were presented on the day of the Event and can be accessed from the links below.

1. Alsulemi, A. Towards understanding the effect of alphabetical literacy on L2 English morphosynta acquisition, and determining the sources of overgeneralization of non-targetbewhile acquiring L2 English morphosyntax

2. Llorente Puerto, M. The Challenge of Literacy in a Secon Language with Roma Students

3. Malessa, E. Tracking Learner Behaviour of Non- and Low- Literate Adults in an Online Literacy Training Environment

4. Miles, K. and Young-Scholten, M. A Heritage Language Hub in Adult Mifgrants' Home Languages

5. Oxely, E., H. Nash, E. Marsden and A.Weighall. Does KNowledge of More than One Language enhance the ability to lern novel words?

6. Sedano Cuevas. MOONLITE (Massive Open courses eNhancing LInguistic and TransvErsal skills for social inclusiona and Employability)

7. Tai, K. Literacy Eduaction for Immigrant Adults: Materials and Teacher Training

8. Al-Azmi, S. The Role of Literacy in the Acquistion of English Consonant Clusters by Arabic Speakers