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ERG Seminars 2008-2009

ERG seminar programme 2008-2009
ICaMB seminars 2008-2009 relating to Epithelial Physiology

ERG Seminar Programme 2008-2009

ERG seminars are held at 4pm on Thursdays unless stated otherwise (see each date for venue).

22nd January 2009 (Leech Building L2.2)
Dr. Mark Williams www
School of Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia
Interrogating the physiology of the human colonic epithelium - confessions of a cryptomaniac

5th February 2009 (Leech Building L2.3)
Dr. John McLaughlin www
School of Medicine, University of Manchester
Enter Enteroendocrinology

12th February 2009 (2pm, Dental Lecture Theatre C)
Prof. Mark Boyett www
School of Medicine, University of Manchester
And the Beat Goes On. The cardiac conduction system: the wiring system of the heart
The Physiological Society GL Brown Prize Lecture

19th February 2009 (Leech Building L2.2)
Dr. David Sheppard www
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Bristol
Exploiting species differences to learn about the structure and function of the CFTR chloride channel

ICaMB Seminars 2008-2009 relating to Epithelial Physiology

19th November 2008
Prof. Margarida Amaral www
Universidade de Lisboa
Traffic of Normal and Mutant CFTR: Understanding the Mechanisms to Treat the Cystic Fibrosis

14th January 2009
Prof. Clive Ellory www
Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford
KCl cotransporters in cancer cell growth

11th March 2009
Dr. Robert Fenton www
University of Aarhus
Renal actions of vasopressin: A complex tale from receptor to transporter

13th May 2009
Prof. Peter Henderson www
Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds
Molecular mechanism of the Mhp1 membrane transport protein and the emergence of a superfamily

These seminars are sponsored by The Physiological Society

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