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ERG Seminars 2007-2008

ERG seminar programme 2007-2008
ICaMB seminars 2007-2008 relating to Epithelial Physiology

ERG Seminar Programme 2007-2008

4th October 2007 (Dental Lecture Theatre E)
Dr. Ted Debnam
Department of Physiology, University College London
Intestinal and renal phosphate transport: effects of renal failure and phosphatonins

15th November 2007 (Dental Lecture Theatre C)
Prof. Alan Cuthbert, FRS
University of Cambridge
An obsession with epithelia

13th December 2007 (Leech L2.4)
Dr. John McLaughlin
School of Medicine, University of Manchester
Enter Enteroendocrinology?

17th January 2008 (Leech L2.2)
Dr. Deborah Baines
Ion Channels and Cell Signalling Research Centre, St. George's, UCL
"Slow down, the fuel is running low!" Na+ transport, AMPK and cellular energy levels

28th February 2008 (Leech L2.2)
Dr. Julian Walters
Gastroentorology Department, Hammersmith, Imperial College London
Studying calcium and bile acid transporters in human intestine

24th April 2008 (Leech L4.2)
Dr. Miguel Constância
The Babraham Institute, Cambridge
Nutrient transporters and the battle for parental supremacy in our genes

15th May 2008 (Leech L2.3)
Dr. Ashley Toye
Department of Biochemistry, University of Bristol
Basolateral trafficking and regulation of anion exchanger 1 in the kidney: a tale of two tyrosines?

18th July 2008 at 1pm (Leech L2.3)
Dr. Sandra Guggino
Johns Hopkins University Medical School, Baltimore, USA
The mouse model of Dent disease leads to therapy strategy.

ICaMB Seminars 2007-2008 relating to Epithelial Physiology

6th February 2008
Prof. Stephen Baldwin
University of Leeds
Membrane Biology in the Genomics Era

20th February 2008
Prof. David Eisner
University of Manchester
Calcium in the heart: in and out of control

26th March 2008
Dr. Chris Ward
Institute of Cellular Medicine, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Translational studies of airway injury following lung transplantation

30th April 2008
Prof. Fiona Karet
University of Cambridge
Stones bones and phones: functional consequences of mutations causing renal acidosis

21st May 2008
Prof. Andrew Halestrap
University of Bristol
Fighting fatigue- monocarboxylate transporters and their roles in health and disease

These seminars are sponsored by The Physiological Society

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