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Epithelial Research Group

at Newcastle University

Epithelial Research Group Members

Principal Investigators

Prof. Barry E. Argent
Dr. Colin D.A. Brown
Prof. Dianne Ford
Dr. Mike A. Gray (convenor)
Dr. Judith Hall
Prof. Barry H. Hirst
Prof. Jeff P. Pearson
Dr. John A. Sayer
Prof. Nick L. Simmons
Prof. David T. Thwaites
Dr. Ruth Valentine
Dr. Chris Ward
Dr. Andi Werner

Research Associates and Fellows

Dr. Ased Ali
Dr. Catriona M.H. Anderson
Dr. Noel Edwards
Dr. Lorraine Eley
Dr. Alison Howard
Dr. Catherine Mowbray
Dr. Roz Simms
Dr. Jared Thornton
Dr. Claire Townes
Dr. John Tyson
Dr. Luisa Wakeling
Dr. Matt Wilcox

Research Technicians

Mrs. Lisa Burdis
Mrs. Maxine Geggie

Postgraduate Students

Ms. Wafaa Alabyad
Ms. Fatema Alatawi
Mr. Mohamed Al-Hamed
Mr. Sadat Aziz
Ms. Nursalwani Bakar
Ms. Sarah Billington
Ms. Helen Bosomworth
Mr. Kevin Cadwell
Mr. Peter Chater
Mr. Git Chung
Ms. Nichola Conlon
Ms. Gemma Crossfield
Ms. Suzanne Escolme
Mr. Livingstone Fultang
Ms. Joy Hardyman
Mr. David Houghton
Ms. Ann Marie Hynes
Mr. Salam Ibrahim
Ms. Laura Ions
Mr. Chantawat Kantamool
Mr. Marcelo Lanz
Ms. Vicky Malthouse
Mr. Richard Noble
Mr. Ogo Ogo
Ms. Shruti Parikh
Ms. Waseema Patel
Ms. Sarah Rice
Mr. Sherko Subhan
Mr. Mark Turner
Ms. Megan Webster
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