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ERG Away Day 2006

Thursday 21st September 2006, Grey Street Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne

Session I

9.20-10.00 Emily Abbot Streptococcus pyrogenes interactions with human epithelia

10.00-10.40 John Sayer Molecular diagnosis, pathogenesis and treatment strategies in cystic kidney diseases

10.40-11.00 Lee McCloy (Roche Diagnostics) Sequence your bacterial genome in a day!

11.00-11.20 COFFEE

Session II

11.20-12.00 Felicity May (Northern Cancer Research Institute) Trefoil proteins: interactions with mucins, other proteins and H. pylori

12.00-12.15 Jeff Pearson Evidence of increased gastric aspiration in acute lung allograft rejection

12.15-12.40 Trevor Jackson Identification of new isoforms of the SGK1 kinase

12.40-13.00 Annemieke Walker/Donald Innes (Invitrogen) The Advantages of the Alexa Fluor Dyes

13.00-13.40 LUNCH

Session III

13.40-14.20 Rob Taylor (Neurology, Neurobiology & Psychiatry) Mitochondrial DNA mutations in human pathology

14.20-15.00 Colin Brown Human proximal tubule cell monolayers - a new tool to study renal xenobiotic secretion

15.00-15.20 Russell Thompson (Merck Biosciences) Enabling Proteomic Research with Novel Proteome Sample Preparation and Analysis Tools

15.20-15.40 COFFEE

Session IV

15.40-16.20 Dianne Ford Nutrient-gene interactions; Lisa Coneyworth Effects of DNA methylation on zinc-regulated gene expression; Kelly Jackson Transcriptional regulation of the zinc transporter ZnT5

16.20-17.00 David Thwaites, Catriona Anderson, Susan Harrison Transporters in the small intestine and neuroblastoma

17.00-17.30 Mark Carlile The Biology of Endogenous Antisense Transcripts; Andi Werner A living proof of molecular Darwinism?

17.30-18.15 Closing remarks and WINE RECEPTION


ERG Away Day 2005

Thursday 15th September 2005, Hatfield College Durham

11.00-11.10 Welcome and IntroductionERG Away Day 2005

1.10-11.50 Andi Werner Natural antisense transcripts and gene regulation

11.50-12.30 Dan Swan Bioinformatics support and facilities at Newcastle

LUNCH 12.30-13.30

13.30-14.10 David Thwaites, David Kennedy, Catriona Anderson Surface pH, dipeptide and amino acid uptake in mouse small intestine

14.10-14.50 Colin Brown The SLC7 family of amino acid transporters

14.50-15.30 Lee McLoy (Roche) The universal probe library Nicola Parsons (Ambion) Experimental tools for microRNA analysis

COFFEE 15.30-16.15

16.15-16.55 Sarah Newbury RNA turnover and its role in developmental processes in Drosophila

16.55-17.45 Barry Hirst, Alison Howard, Imran Tahir The role of glycine in intestinal cell protection

WINE RECEPTION 17.45-18.15

18.15-19.00 Nigel Belshaw (Norwich) Aberrant CpG island methylation as a biomarker of health/disease that is modifiable by diet

Friday 16th September 2005

BREAKFAST 8.00-9.00

9.00-9.40 Vanessa Hall Therapeutic cloning: Curing the uncurable

9.40-10.20 John Sayer The molecular genetics of renal cystic diseases

COFFEE 10.20-11.00

11.00-11.40 Simon Whitehall HIRA nucleosome assembly factors the propagation of repressive chromatin

11.40-12.20 Dianne Ford Epigenetic regulation of Zn metabolism

12.20-13.00 Cerys Huggins (Merck Biosciences) Improving recombinant protein expression in E coli; Damian Wells (Promega) HaloTag technology

LUNCH 13.00-13.45

13.45-14.20 Barry Argent The SLC26 family of anion exchangers in health and disease

14.20-15.00 Judith Hall, Panagiota Milona, Claire Townes Expression and Antimicrobial Activities of Gallinacins 4 and 7. AWAK-the continuing story.

15:00-15:30 Jeff Pearson

15:30-15:35 Closing remarks

5:35-16:15 Round Table (ERG staff)

ERG Away Day 2004

Thursday 16th September 2004, Hatfield College, Durham

11.00-11.15 Welcome and Introduction

11.15-12.00 Andi Werner, Gavin McHaffie, Mark Carlile Transport, adaptors proteins and epigenetics

LUNCH 12.00-13.00

13.00-14.00 David Thwaites, Catriona Anderson, Emily Abbot, David Kennedy

14.00-15.00 Barry Hirst, Imran Tahir, Gerry Siou A role for fimbriae in Streptococcal infection of human tonsils

POSTERS and EXHIBIT 15.00-16.00

16.00-17.00 Amersham Biosciences Utilizing the CodeLink bioarray platform to detect gene expression levels in heritable lysosomal storage disease; Ambion siRNA

17.15-17.45 Colin Brown, Amy Windass Hepatic and renal clearance of the lipid lowering drug rosuvastatin; Rachel Sayer The SLC7 family of amino acid transporters

WINE RECEPTION 17.45-18.15

18.15-19.00 Invited pre dinner speech: Paul Sharp (Surrey) Diet-gene interactions: The effects of dietary trace metals on intestinal iron absorption?

Friday 17th September 2004

BREAKFAST 8.30-9.00

9.00-9.45 Dianne Ford, Louise Pritchett The production and biological activity of isoflavone metabolites; Luisa Watson The impact of genetic polymorphism on isoflavone absorption and metabolism; Kelly Jackson The regulation and function of splice variants of the zinc transporter ZnT5 (SLC30A5).

9.45-10.30 Nick Simmons Functional organisation of the rumen epithelium


11.00-11.45 Invited speaker: David Bassett (Newcastle)

11.45-12.45 Talks from Industry: VWR International Limited; Abgene; Sigma An introduction to Proteomics

LUNCH 12.45-13.30

13.30-14.15 Jeffrey Pearson Jeff the baker

14.15-15.00 Barry Argent Inversin and polycystic kidney disease; Zoltan Rakonczay A novel basolateral HCO3- transport mechanism in pancreatic duct cells

15.00-15.45 Judith Hall The innate immune system of avian epithelia; M. Panagiota Avian b-defensin antimicrobial peptides

Closing remarks 15:45-16:00

ERG Away Day 2003

Thursday 18th September 2003, Hatfield College, Durham

11:00 Welcome Participants of the 2003 ERG Away Day

Session 1 Imaging

11:00–11:20 Georgina Carr The role of CLC-5 in Dent’s disease

11:20–11:40 John Sayer Deaf, dented and donor kidneys

11:40–12:05 Anna Brown Mechanistic and functional changes in Ca2+ entry following retinoic acid-induced differentiation of neuroblastoma cells

12:05–12:25 Fiona Riddoch Calcium signalling in a human neuroblastoma cell line

12:25–13:30 Lunch

Session 2 Transport

13:30–14:00 David Kennedy Amino acid transport by the novel transporter rPAT2

14:00–14:20 Sarah Waring Alternative transcription of the Glyt1 glycine transporter during intestinal response to diet

14:20–14:40 Zoltan Rakonczay pH regulation of human pancreatic duct cells

14:40 – 15:30 Coffee and poster session

Session 3 Interactions

15:30–16:00 Elizabeth Veal (Newcastle) The yeast-2-hybrid system

16:00–16:20 Gavin McHaffie Do iNOS and Shank 3b interact?

16:20–16:40 Gerard Siou Group A streptococcal interaction with human epithelial cells. An in vitro model of tonsil epithelial cell infection?

16:40–17:30 Heiko Peters Region-specific differentiation of the surface ectoderm - the role of Pax9

19:00 Dinner at Restaurant Venezia

Friday 19th September 2003

Session 4 Electrophysiology

9:30–10:15 John Winpenney (Sunderland) Tissue distribution and functional studies of the mCLCA3 (alias Gob-5) protein, a putative calcium-activated chloride channel

10:15–10:35 John Linley Zinc Regulation of an Outwardly Rectyfying Cl- Conductance in Mouse Inner Medullary Collecting Duct Cells (mIMCD-3)

10:35–11:00 Coffee

Session 5 ‘Down and Out’

11:00–11:30 Ambion (Nicola Parsons) Latest news on siRNA

11:30–12:15 Andi Werner Natural antisense RNA

12:15–13:30 Lunch / Posters

Session 6 Aspects Of Digestion

13:30–14:15 Hari Hundal (Dundee) Stress encounters of the lipid kind - The role of ceramide as modulator of insulin action and glucose transport in muscle cells

14:15–14:35 Ruth Cragg The effect of zinc supplementation in human subjects on the expression in small intestine of zinc transporters

14:35–14:55 Kathyrn Atherton The role of xenobiotic-metabolising enzymes in isoflavone metabolism

14:55–15:15 Ian Brownlee Alignates as a source of dietary fibre

15:15–15:35 Chris Nile Isolation and characterisation of novel antimicrobial peptides from the avian gut

ERG Away Day 2002

Thursday 19th September 2002, Hatfield College, Durham

11.00-11.05 Welcome and Introduction

11.05-12.20 Presentations from Industry: Nicola Parsons (Ambion); Liz Homer (Quiagen); Andrew Harrison (Sigma) ERG Away Day 2002

LUNCH 12.30-13.30

13.30-15.00 Intestinal absorption of nutrients:
Barry Hirst
David Thwaites


16.00-17.30 Water and ion transport in the kidney
Dave Marples (Leeds)
Nick Simmons

BREAK with a pint or a glass of wine
The success story of a Newcastle graduate by Lee McCloy (Abgene)

DINNER and BAR 18.30-23.00

Friday 20th September 2002

BREAKFAST 8.30-9.15

9.15-10.45 RNA / protein sorting
Zosia Lightowlers (Newcastle)
Andi Werner


11.15-12.45 Biological and Nutritional Sciences
Dianne Ford
Judith Hall

LUNCH 12.40-13.20

13.20-14.00 Mucus
Jeff Pearson

14.00-15.20 Channels, transporters and disease
Mike Gray
Barry Argent

COFFEE & discussions 15.20-16.00

16.00-16.30 Reports, general discussion, concluding remarks

ERG Away Day 2001

Thursday 13 September 2001, Hatfield College, Durham

12.15-13.15 arrival and registrationParticipants of the 2001 ERG Away Day

13.15-13.20 Welcome

13.20-14.05 A. Werner The various aspects of Na/Pi cotransport
14.05-14.50 John H Robinson (Newcastle) How do T lymphocytes recognize bacterial proteins?

14.50-16.00 Coffee and Poster session

16.00-16.45 John Kirby (Newcastle) T cell interactions with epithelia
16.45-17.30 Barry Hirst Gut epithelial barrier: from nutrient transport to vaccine delivery

18.00-19.15 Dinner

19.30-20.15 David Thwaites Optimisation of nutrient absorption in the human small intestine requires the coordinated activity of multiple transport proteins

20.15-23.00 Drinks and Discussion in the bar area

Friday 14th September 2001

8.30-9.15 Breakfast

9.30-10.15 Mike Gray Epithelial Cl- channels
10.15-11.00 Barry Argent, Angela Wright Cl- channels in the pancreas

11.00-11.30 Coffee and Posters

11.30-12.15 Nick Simmons, John Sayer, Stefan Boese Cl- channels in the kidney

12.30-13.15 Lunch

13.15-14.00 Colin Brown Molecular insight into the targeting of statins
14.00-14.30 Dianne Ford Epithelial zinc transport - a molecular insight

14.30-15.30 Coffee, Group-internal strategic discussion

15.30-16.15 Reports, general discussion

16.15 concluding remarks

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