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Lecture: European Heritage Encounters: building collaborations

European Heritage Encounters: building collaborations

Lecture by Dr Susannah Eckersley

At a time when connections to Europe seem constrained or undervalued, how can we build collaborative research and practice across Europe? How can differences and similarities within and between European countries – their culture, heritage, politics and societies - be used productively to enrich our understanding of each other and of ourselves?

European ‘crises’ connected to identity and change – such as migration, Brexit or post-Socialism – figure highly in media debates, but how do they impact on peoples’ sense of attachment and belonging to (and in) cultural spaces and places, and how do they relate to heritage and memory practices?

Taking the HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) funded project en/counter/points as an example, this talk will address these questions, through an exploration of some of the practical challenges, fruitful opportunities and potential benefits of collaborative research and practice with European partners.

Europa Nostra is the leading citizens' movement to protect and celebrate Europe's cultural and natural heritage. Europa Nostra UK is a UK-based charity that supports Europa Nostra - the pan-European federation of Heritage NGOs (non-Governmental organisations).

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