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en/counter/points Design Ideas Competition

The en/counter/points Design Ideas Competition invites architects and prospective architects, designers, planners, activists to submit proposals for design-driven (re)activation strategies of neglected and marginal spaces.

Our objective is to prompt and gather innovative ideas on how public space design can promote, enable, and encourage processes of encounter and reappropriation in and to official and unofficial urban public spaces, fostering senses of belonging and attachment and eventually contributing to the construction of a more resilient, cohesive, and equal urban future.

Please visit the call website for more information, and for any questions feel free to contact us at

The en/counter/points Design Ideas Competition is organised by the research team based at Politecnico di Milano, DAStU (Jacopo Leveratto, Francesca Gotti, Cristina F. Colombo and Francesca Lanz) with the participation of ATELIER MOBBRUIT DU FRIGOCOLLECTIF ETCWAREHOUSECONSTRUCTLABGRAVALOS DI MONTEORIZZONTALERAUMLABOR.

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